3 Simple Tips That Will Enhance Your Email Marketing

3 Email Marketing Tips

If you run a business online, you should definitely consider email marketing.

Email marketing gives you direct communication with your audience while giving you the opportunity to build trust by providing them with valuable information.

It can help you convert more of your subscribers to buyers because you have an opportunity to build a relationship with them. They will begin to not only trust you but like you as well.

Your emails will be right alongside messages from family and friends.

If you treat your list right they may even come to see you as a friend so when you recommend something they are more likely to buy from you because you have taken the time to build that relationship.

So how do you start to build that trust? Keep reading…

Get Personal

When you write your emails, make them personal like you’re talking to a friend.

Make sure you understand what your audience’s needs are and help by offering tips (or products) to solve their problem.

You wouldn’t try to force a friend to buy something they don’t need and you can’t do that to your subscribers.

Address a problem they are having then recommend a solution, your product.


Stay Relevant

If your subscribers signed up to your list to learn more about camping don’t send them offers about basketball shoes.

Although some of them may be interested that’s not what they signed up for.

Doing this is not only inconsiderate but can also get you labeled as a spammer.

Getting reported for sending spam emails could permanently hurt your reputation and your business.

Always Over Deliver

Give your readers more than they expect.

If you offer a free video tutorial give an ebook as an unannounced bonus.

This will help build more trust and they will begin to like you more.

That way when you do recommend a product to them they will see you as someone who sincerely wants to help solve their problems not just to make a quick buck.

Do you have any more tips to share? Let me know in the comments below…


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