5 Internet Marketing Strategies To Help Your Website Thrive

internet marketing strategies

Various internet marketing strategies can have a huge impact on the performance of big brands and smaller online businesses.

Online marketing requires specific skills and methods that when applied correctly can produce a high level of success.

Content Marketing

The quality of your content plays a vital role in impressing your audience in any niche. Adding a blog to your business or ecommerce website will allow you to use content marketing to build a following.

The more content you have on your site the chances you of getting organic traffic from search engines can greatly increase.

It also increases your chances of having repeat visitors when content is regularly updated, helpful and solves their problems. Your content should always be unique and provide helpful information. It should also be up-to-date.

Incorporating images or video is also a must. This will help you get higher conversion rates by allowing your audience to visualize what you are saying more than with text alone.

White Hat SEO

Where your website ranks in the search engines can play a vital role in directing large amounts of traffic to your website. SEO involves a variety of techniques to get a website to rank as high as possible in the search engines.

Around 90% of people searching will visit sites that are on the first page of the search results.

Fresh content, less on site ads and proper keyword density on site without over optimization are other essential elements of SEO.

Sufficient amounts of social media signals are another part of the Google algorithm. It’s recommended to implement social media campaigns as a part of on-going SEO efforts.

Online Branding

Branding your website or business is also essential in internet marketing. It helps to establish a good reputation with the search engines and can increase conversion rates.

Brands need to maintain a strong online presence by going above and beyond what’s expected on their websites and social media. This increases the opportunity for communication by targeting a niche market that persuades audiences, establishes trust and boosts the popularity of the website.

Social Media Influence

Social media exposure plays a significant role for every online business today. More than 72% of web users are active on various social media platforms.

Multi-dimensional promotion using sources like Instagram that has 150 million active users. Facebook has more than 1.15 billion users. Twitter that has 645 million plus users can really take your business far ahead of its competitors.

The main reason for targeting social media platforms is that these sites have high traffic and membership stats. This allows a brand, website or company to engage, and communicate with a very large global audience. It is also a fact that 33% of consumers use social media to find new brands and products online.

Top Social Media Sites

  • Facebook: The most used social networking site with over 1.15 billion active users with 23% logging in daily. Any online business has a huge opportunity to engage new customers. The influence spreads even more as people tend to share what they like with their friends and associates.
  • Google+: There are high predictions pouring in that indicate the chances of this social media platform to outperform others. With 1 billion account holders and 359 million active users, this is a major channel to include in your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Twitter: Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform. This allows brands to send messages with 140 characters or less to potential thousands of followers.
  • Pinterest: This image sharing site can’t be ignored. It has shown a growth rate of 58% in 2013, has millions of members and a 20% referral rate to ecommerce sites.

Mobile Marketing

About 2/3 of cell phone users today are using Smartphone devices to find information on the web. It is impossible to market online without considering the mobile sector.

Mobile friendly website designs and mobile advertising are important aspects to implement within any online campaign. And, really, without a mobile friendly site you can lose out on a massive chunk of traffic.

Online sites and brands, especially those in the restaurant businesses are using the mobile marketing medium to target local customers through discount offers and coupon codes to attract new customers.

More than 30% of sales generated by the leading fast food chains, including Papa Jones, Pizza Hut and others are influenced by such promotional techniques.

Video Marketing

Many visitors appreciate a video demonstration of the products and services that they want to use. In fact, statistics show that sales pages that have video convert 80% better than those that do not.

Submitting relevant videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites is a marketing strategy that cannot be ignored and can grow your online presence exponentially.


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