Why You Should Build Your Business With An Opt-In List

Building an opt-in list

Before revealing the secrets of the trades, here are some common myths that need to be cleared before you indulge into building an opt-in list.

These email marketing misconceptions could pose so much of an obstacle towards your profiting well from your business.

  • Not a lot of people use email Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods nowadays simply because virtually almost all people use email.  You need an email address to sign up for or purchase almost everything online. A person without an email address is like a person without an online home.
  • Email marketing campaigns can offend a lot of people The not-so secret way to overcome this hurdle is through permission-based advertising. There’s no harm in trying after asking for permission.
  • It’s stupid to send email to all the people The key to this problem is to have a very discerning eye on who to email and who to not email.  Better look for some metrics on how to know which group of people would give you high ROI or return on investment.

The Real Deal with Building an Opt-in List

After clearing the fog regarding email marketing myths, here’s how one can benefit from employing the power of email marketing campaigns – building an opt-in list.

However, building an opt-in list is not a piece of cake particularly if you are inexperienced Here’s a rundown of tips on how to succeed in this kind of marketing venture.

1. Strategic Collection of Data

Knowing what information to collect from your audiences will help you in lowering expenses and/or make sales flourish.

Offer something for free to entice people to voluntarily provide you with the information necessary to create higher conversion – their email.

Overload of data is not good. Ask only for opt-in email addresses, in some cases first name.

Make sure that the profiles that you gather are updated to aid in improving the relevance, timeliness and satisfaction from each  campaign.

2. Good Implementation

Old adage says it all – ‘action speaks louder than words’.

This refers to how you go about building your opt-in list. Try to use various methods – free and paid – if possible to get people to sign up.

Tracking your email marketing results can be a little tricky, too.

There are various tools and services you can use to track the success of your email campaigns. Just Google ’email marketing tracking tools’ or something similar.

The following are the most widely used methods to use without overspending:

1. Make use of websites/blogs.

It is an excellent tool for data collation and providing you with relevant info regarding your email offers. Use forms that solicit your visitor’s email address and consent.

2. Make use of print ads, brochures, TV, radio and direct mail.

These are the offline methods of getting traffic to your site.

Make your website more visible through these media.

Offering free newsletters and or a rewards program can do well in making it easy to win the approval of your audiences, too.

3. Maximize your sales force.

Customer service tools can help a lot in making you benefit more from your email correspondence.

Techniques like offering account updates and special programs through email can easily help you in building your opt-in list.

4. Collect emails when someone makes a purchase.

Notification of upcoming sales by entering their email addresses and names can coax them to supply you with the information you need.

5. Get creative.

Giveaway offers or entries on sweepstakes are great for opt-in to volunteer their contact details.

These tactics should be applied with caution and should focus on earning the trust of your opt-in list instead of simply collating data for your sole own benefit.

Always make sure that the forms that you will use and other methods that you will use won’t make it too difficult to subscribe.

This is so people don’t get annoyed during the process.



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